Making My Change

Life changes fast. That’s been true in my life, and the changes have come fast and hard in the past year. I lost my mom, had to move out of the only home I’ve ever known, and found myself under the kind of money pressure that forced me to accelerate the search for my future. In all of these cases, I made the mistake of allowing the world to force changes upon me, making me react and putting me in situations that set me back from where I wanted to be.

That stops now. For the first time in a long time, I’ve made my own swift change.

Radio has been pretty good to me, but I now know that the only way to make a living in it is to make sacrifices and choices that I just don’t see as worth it. So after some soul searching and pondering, I decided to dive head first into finding the kind of job that challenges me and takes me back to my roots. Little did I know that in order to find my roots, I would end up deciding to leave my roots.

Starting in mid-May, I’ll start work as an Assember at the Whirlpool Amana plant. I’ll be spending my days making fridges and freezers, a far cry from producing radio shows but the kind of thing I watched my Mom and Dad do in Grandpa’s shop when I was a kid. I’ll also be moving to Cedar Rapids, staying with my closest friend and biggest cheerleader until I save up enough to finally live on my own.

Like most of the change in my life, this happened fast. From application to setting a start date, the whole process took just over a week. In an other two weeks, I’ll be walking out of a job I first stumbled into 18 years ago and stepping into one of the biggest challenges of my life. I have no idea what the future brings, but for once I’m gambling on myself.